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FIRST: Digital Storytelling(SDU) -June 2023



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FATIMA Waheed                                                                                

BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication, University of Central Lancashire

     Attending the Digital Storytelling workshop was an incredible experience. The workshop emphasized making a story visual, emotional, and human to craft compelling stories that connect with audiences and evoke emotions to enhance consumer value and leaving a lasting impression on them. It equipped me with valuable skills applicable in personal and brand marketing such as essentail elements of a good story, the advantages of brand storytelling, and the goals of storytelling. Overall, it provided me with valuable insights into the power of storytelling and how it can be leveraged to create engaging and memorable brand narratives.

WONG Sze Ki 黃斯淇                                                                             

BA (Hons) Business Management, De Monfort University

     The speaker has delivered numerous relevant concepts and examples during the Digital Storytelling Workshop, ranging from the use of colours and shapes to the method of taking visuals, that are essentail to create an eye-catching storytelling piece. Throughout the workshop, the speaker also encouraged us to watch more foreign productions and learn their way to convey messages by using images and videos. This workshop was awesome and valuable, as it allows me to be more well-equipped to develop my career in marketing.