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FIRST: Professional Image & Personal Branding (SDU)

group photo
The speaker, Ms. Heidi LAM, took a group photo with the workshop participants.

In March 2024, to enhance students’ employability and to help build their own self-image, we have invited Ms. Heidi LAM, Executive Producer of VOGUE Hong Kong, as our guest speaker for the SDU workshop titled “Professional Image & Personal Branding” under the theme of FIRST. Throughout the workshop, Heidi delivered useful techniques and fashion tips for building personal branding that makes our students more professionally-presentable, fashion-conscious, self-assuring and confident. Her teaching was interactive and enticing, ranging from outfit-matching tips and colour senses to skincare rituals and cosmetic techniques; based on one’s unique personality, lifestyle, personal taste and corresponding career fields and expectations.

To facilitate a deeper understanding, the speaker shared some iconic people in different industries, to emphasise the importance of personal image and how their own personal brands are built over time. Not only lecturing with numerous industry cases, Heidi also helped the participants customise their outfits and personal grooming by using the techniques and tips delivered throughout the workshop. Students were enthusiastic in seeking Heidi's professional advice on their personal look and are looking forward to having more workshops of such nature again.