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FIRST: Speak Yourself, make it Professional & Impressive (Mar 2023) (SDU)



LI Tin Po 李天保
BSc(Hons) Quantity Surveying , University of Wolverhampton

I wanted to express my gratitude to SDU for the recent workshop on communication skills. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to learn about effective workplace communication, including communication etiquette, writing content of communication skills and other valuable knowledge. 

The skills and knowledge that I gained from the workshop have been immensely helpful in my academic life, as well as in my personal and professional relationships. I appreciate the effort SDU had put into organising the workshop and dedication to helping us improve our communication skills.

I am confident that the skills and knowledge I gained from the workshop will be invaluable as I continue my academic journey and progress into the workforce.


WONG Sze Ki 黃斯淇

BA (Hons) Business Management, De Montfort University

I would like to thank SDU of CityU SCOPE, where I am studying, for inviting Mr. Calvin Lam to be the workshop tutor. Mr. Lam, being a seasoned KOL and professional MC for many events, has taught us a lot in facial expressions, hand gestures, vocal volume, and pace in effective and engaging communication. Furthermore, the creation of content structure was also crucial. The more you know what is going on to be presented, the more confident you will become. Moreover, storytelling was described as a magical tool too and I think I would definitely employ it in my life.