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曾俊華主講城大SCOPE講座 在場與年輕人對話

“Fly. Thrive. Shine. Into the Future” – SCOPE Graduation Ceremonies 2022


“Fly. Thrive. Shine. Into the Future” – SCOPE Graduation Ceremonies 2022

To proudly celebrate the conferment of honours degree and master degree awards for 2022 graduates from Coventry University, De Monfort University, Staffordshire University, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Central Lancashire and University of Wolverhampton, a large- scale Graduation Ceremonies 2022 was held at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre from 29th November to 1st  December 2022 by the School of Continuing and Professional Education of City University of Hong Kong (CityU SCOPE).  The 3-day long event was a great success, with a total attendance of over 1,000 participants, including, overseas representatives from UK university collaborators, SCOPE faculty members and administrative staff; and mostly importantly, some 800 undergraduate and postgraduate graduates and their families and loved ones.

The opening remark of the ceremony was given by Dr. LEUNG Wai Keung John, Director of CityU SCOPE. Dr. Leung expressed his sincere congratulations and wishes for the graduates.  He confidently believes that with the solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and friendship which they have acquired throughout their studies, they will be capable of overcoming the foreseeable challenges and contributing themselves to the society.  Dr. Leung also took this opportunity to invite graduates to show their appreciation and gratitude to their parents, teachers, and peers for their unrelenting support during the pursuit of their studies by saying “Thank you” and “Congratulations” to the people around them.  To convey warm wishes to graduates for their future success on behalf of SCOPE, a video highlighting this year’s theme “Fly. Thrive. Shine. Into the Future” was played.  Graduates and their families were very much touched by the reassuring words and the encouraging messages in the video. Some of the them shared that they would grasp every opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute what they have learnt to the betterment of the HK society upon graduation from CityU SCOPE.

The ceremony ends by presenting vote of thanks by the class representatives. They extended their heartfelt gratitude to CityU SCOPE and UK universities for the good curriculum and learning opportunities, and also to their parents, family members and peers for their love and support. They also expressed their sincere thanks to the teachers who have played important roles in their learning and given them the valuable gift of knowledge and wisdom, which they can use to better themselves and progress to the next chapter of their lives.

Congratulations to Class of 2022! SCOPE Unlimited!