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Leadership Development Training Workshop - Influencing Skill (Feb 2023) (SDU)



WONG Sze Ki Vicky, 黃斯淇

BA (Hons) Business Management, De Montfort University

The tutor organized many activities throughout the workshop where the participants could practice and engage actively. I have learned a lot regarding the qualities in which a leader has to possess. The workshop contents were fascinating and easily absorbed as the speaker explained the theories with many active explanations and examples.

NG Chee Yui Winnie  吳芷蕊

BA (Hons) Business Management, De Montfort University

After attending two leadership development training workshop sessions, I have learned to speak confidently in public and plan my career path more wisely. Not only beneficial to myself, I will also share the knowledge to my teammates and motivate them to become a successful leader as well.