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Leadership Development Training Workshops (Public Speaking Skills) - Dec 2022 (SDU)



CHUNG Wai Ying Keko  鍾惠英

BA (Hons) Marketing Management, Edinburgh Napier University

Dr. Carol is excellent at teaching, which differs from the general traditional teaching mode. There are not only theories in the class but also the real-time application of public speaking skills. The instructor is willing to provide different kinds of general speaking skills, and constantly encourages students to practice, drive in the right direction, and learn to be future leaders.

The workshop ran smoothly, and the speaker’s sharing was easy to understand. It was a fantastic workshop experience, and I will join again for workshops in the future. Cheers.

NG Chee Yui Winnie  吳芷蕊

BA (Hons) Business Management, De Montfort University

It is worth participating in the leadership development training workshops because I am not only being trained on how to enhance the quality of public speaking, and how to practice my voice and speed but also understand more my weakness in public speaking skills. On top of it, Dr. Carol is a professional trainer and the training content is very attractive and fun as well.