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One-on-one Consultation Clinic (Feedback from students in December 2022) (SDU)



BIBI Bushrah            莫貝莎
BA(Hons)  English for International Corporate Communication, University of Central Lancashire

I would like to appreciate Ms Alice ,my consultant , for her professional guidance on my concerns and what I should consider now for my short term goals rather than only long term goals. I was confused about whether I should go for further study or to start my career after this course. However, Ms Alice provided me with very useful information and direction and helped me with my choice to move forward. 

ZHENG Kai On          鄭佳安
BA(Hons) Applied Social Science , Sheffield Hallam University

我覺得這次一對一就業諮詢服務非常之有用, 因為導師提供了很多關於大學和職場的最新資訊, 啟發我思考到更多可能性, 對自己本身想投身的職業有更多和更深入的了解, 非常感謝