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Pursuit of X (SDU X Cocoon Foundation) (Sept 2022- Feb 2023)


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WONG Sin Yi   黃善兒                                                   

BA (Hons) Business Management, De Montfort University

Networking matters a lot in various industries nowadays, but some—including myself—might be lack  the connections necessary for an efficient job search.The Pursuit of X program, precisely precisely, provides a great platform for addressing and suiting such needs.I was once plagued by self-doubt  in regards to my future path.
However, since joining, I have now made friends with quite a number of like-minded individuals during group activities.
Aside from the above, thanks to its scheduled internship alongside mentorship arranged, I have not only learned about my strengths and areas for improvement but also gained valuable job experiences and connections with some career pros.
Overall, this event is highly recommended for those looking to enhance their networking skills and gain first-hand industry experience.