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What Businesses Can Expect out of Metaverse研討會 | 加深對元宇宙的了解 (SDU x San José State University)


Metaverse webinar

(2023年3月25日) What Businesses Can Expect out of Metaverse研討會 | 加深對元宇宙的了解

學生發展事務組於2023年3月25日與美國聖荷西州立大學首次聯合舉辦了"What Businesses Can Expect out of Metaverse"網上研討會,邀請了來自美國矽谷的虛擬實景行業精英Mr. Mazhar Hussain擔任講者。透過這個2小時的網上研討會,Mr. Hussain除了詳細講解人工智能(AI)及元宇宙(Metaverse)的理論及近來發展趨勢外,亦分享了很多Applicable Knowledge(應用知識)及Use Case(使用案例),例如SIEMENS,BMW,Walt Disney,Nvidia及GUCCI等,以加深參與者對元宇宙的應用及未來發展上的了解。

For the first time, CityU SCOPE and San José State University (SJSU) in the US, have jointly organised a webinar titled "What Businesses Can Expect out of Metaverse" on 25 March 2023. Mr. Mazhar Hussain, an experienced and reputable industry practitioner and seasoned speaker from the Silicon Valley, has been invited to be the speaker. Throughout the 2-hour webinar, Mr. Hussain delivered detailed illustrations and the latest trend on artificial intelligence (AI) and metaverse, based on theory, applicable knowledge and different use cases, such as SIEMENS, BMW , Walt Disney, Nvidia, and GUCCI, enabling students to gain a better understanding of Metaverse, its applications in the real world and its future development.

Participant's comment

Throughout the 2-hours webinar last Saturday, the speaker provided profound illustrations on the influences of artificial intelligence (AI) and Metaverse on business and societal development, based on theory and numerous use cases, ranging from SIEMENS and BMW to Amazon, in which the wide usage of the AI technology against the business development in recent years is out of my imagination.

Not only focusing on the business aspect, the speaker also introduced a piping-hot issue that emerged in the recent months named CHATGBT in the latter part of the webinar, which made the webinar's contents more comprehensive, interactive and exciting.

Thank you CityU SCOPE for the arrangement of this webinar. I would defintely join future events focusing on similar topics.