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Workshop – Introduction in Common Recruitment Examination- Use of English (SDU)-September 2023


English 1

English 2



CHU Sing Kuen 朱勝娟 

BA (Hons) Public Administration and Management, De Montfort University 

Throughout the workshop, the speaker thoroughly illustrates the types of questions that most likely appear on the test paper, together with some detailed analysis in planning the contents of answers.

Attending this workshop allows me to further equip myself before I take the CRE examination in the future.


SIN Wai Chun  冼惠珍 

BA (Hons) Public Administration and Management, De Montfort University 

The workshop was very informative and practical. The trainer's teaching materials are well-matched to the theme, enabling participants to understand the types of Common Recruitment Examination (CRE) questions. 

Additionally, the workshop provides exercises and a short mock exam that allows participants to assess their proficiency levels.

Therefore, we can practice accordingly based on our respective levels. The booklist suggested by the trainer is also helpful. All in all, I highly recommend the course to everyone.