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Workshop - Mentoring for Ethnic Minority Pupils (SDU)



CHAN Yik Kit 陳奕潔
BSc (Hons) Information Technology for Business, Coventry University

I am glad to be one of the tutors for my student in this program, "Mentoring for Ethnic Minority Pupils," where I taught Cantonese and led daily assignments to them. Students are willing to communicate with me during classes while I am concurrently teaching them Cantonese. It was a wonderful experience for me because preparing lesson materials trained my organizational skill but knowing what they want to say in their mother language might be difficult at times, very challenging. The challenge, on the other hand, motivates me to break through the language barrier and keep trying to be a tutor for ethnic minority students. My student and I both gained a lot from this activity. I wish them all the best and appreciate their bravery in learning a totally different language! The delight and wonderful experiences that have been earned are important and priceless! I recommend everyone to join as it is really meaningful. Thank you.

CHEN Tak Hei 陳德禧
BSc (Hons) Information Technology for Business, Coventry University
It was a wonderful and special volunteering experience. During this Mentoring Programme, I have met a family of four, in which their daughter has shown an enthusiasm on learning Chinese language. I feel very appreciative to SDU and the Christian Action have given me an opportunity to learn about the current situation of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and the importance of supporting them to integrate with the society.