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Advantages of Studying a UK Degree at CityU SCOPE


UK Honours Degrees Completed in 3 Years 英國大學 榮譽學位 三年畢業

The UK universities honours degree programmes can be completed within 3 years. Upon graduation, students will be awarded the Bachelor’s Honours degree from a UK university, giving them the academic qualification for further study or career employment. Some students may also choose to study one more year to get a Master degree.

Even for students who need to study the Foundation Programme prior to the degree admission, they can still graduate within 3 years with the special design in the programme curriculum.


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Locally Accredited by HKCAAVQ at QF Level 5
學術評審 第五級別 大學資歷

Accredited at QF Level 5, this qualification is comparable to a local Bachelor’s degree. Students are eligible to apply for Government’s Grant and Loan, Scholarships as well as Internship Schemes. Upon graduation, students can also further study in the Master’s degree programmes, and to apply for civil service posts, such as Executive Officer and Inspector of the disciplinary forces.


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Financial Advantage in Studying a UK Degree at CityU SCOPE
英國學位 在港修讀 費用較低

It is some parents’ wish to send their children to study abroad in order to increase their exposure to international culture. Tuition fees plus living expenses for a child to complete a Bachelor’s degree programme in the UK can cost more than one million Hong Kong dollars. However, the same goal can be achieved by studying in CityU SCOPE at one third of the cost.


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Experiencing International Education to Enrich Learning Experience
國際元素 交流體驗 擴濶視野

The programmes will also include international education elements. Opportunities in student exchange with the partner universities, short study tours and so on will be provided. The UK professors will also be invited to conduct lectures and seminars. The incorporation of international elements is to widen students’ horizons by taking advantage of Hong Kong’s unique position at the doorstep of China to foster global perspectives of students.


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Quality Education Support and Whole-Person Development
優質教學 支援學生 全人發展

Teaching is delivered by experienced and well-qualified CityU SCOPE lecturers. Students can enjoy a wide range of learning facilities, including Library and Computing Services Centre. Moreover, a series of student support services comprising self-development, career and employment coaching, cultural exchange, and language enhancement, will be provided to equip students for their further study and future career development.


Flexible Entrance Requirements, HKDSE Chinese is not a mandatory requirement
入學途徑 靈活彈性 中國語文科不是必需要求

There are TWO routes for students to be admitted to the 3-year UK degree

Route 1 : Direct entry to year 1

A total score of 15 or above in five HKDSE subjects including English Language at Level 3 and no other subject below Level 2 (HKDSE Chinese is not a mandatory requirement), IB, GCE Advanced Level and other equivalent qualifications will also be considered;


Route 2 : Via the Foundation Programme

Level 2 or above in five HKDSE subjects including English Language (HKDSE Chinese is not a mandatory requirement); or equivalent qualification. Students on this route will need to take the “Diploma in International Degree Foundation” prior to admission to the chosen degree programmes.

“Diploma in International Degree Foundation” (Foundation Programme) is tailor-made for the designated UK degree programmes offered by CityU SCOPE. It provides a solid foundation for the future chosen study area. Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be eligible to be admitted to the designated degree programme. Benefited from the curriculum design, students entering through the Foundation Programme route will still be able to graduate in 3 years.

入學途徑 靈活彈性 中國語文科不是必需要求

途徑(一)﹕ 直入一年級

香港中學文憑考試五科成績達15分或以上,英國語文成績須達第三級或以上,其餘4科亦須達第二級或以上(中國語文科不是必需要求)。持有國際文憑大學預科課程(IB)、普通教育文憑高級程度(GCE Advanced Level) 或其他同等學歷亦可申請﹔

途徑(二)﹕ 先修讀基礎課程